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Before you work with some of the best-known names on the planet, you have to start somewhere. With something small. Something easy. Baer Davis began with NASA.

Confident he would be making a valuable contribution to space exploration, a nine-year-old Baer submitted meticulously hand-drawn designs - on postcards - to America’s space agency. NASA reviewed his work and kindly replied with packets of 8”x10” glossies of space shuttles and astronauts, encouraging him to study the sciences. Study he did, although his concentration would instead turn to art and literature, resulting in school newspapers filled with his articles, photography, and even a weekly comic strip. Baer attended the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in graphic design - and a portfolio that captured the attention of a South Florida advertising agency.

Baer’s early clients include the Los Angeles Dodgers and a host of regional businesses, airports, hospitals and restaurants. While agency duties ranged from graphic design and illustration to storyboarding for commercials, Baer diversified his work with independent projects such as early visualization for the development of the historic Riverwalk section of Fort Lauderdale.

Since his move to New York City, the demand for Baer’s design and illustration has remained a constant, providing the opportunity to work with many wonderful people in a wide range of fields. Demonstrating the variety of his work, Baer was called on by Tiffany & Co. to visualize fairy tale-based holiday window displays that

About the Baer...

were featured in their stores worldwide. He worked with a production company known primarily for docudramas and documentaries to develop the series bible and pitch for an animated television show. Notably, Baer recently completed design and illustration work for the Walt Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd.

In some ways the Disney project brought Baer’s own work full circle. As a young cub, Baer discovered The Art of Walt Disney and Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life - two books that would help ignite his intense love of art, design and story. After hundreds of clients and countless drawings and designs, it is a love he still feels deeply. Ultimately, the focus of Baer’s work has always been storytelling in all its forms.

Baer Davis is currently Creative Director at a firm in the financial district of Manhattan where he works with clients from around the world. Baer makes time to continue his studies at the School of Visual Arts, Gnomon Workshop and through his affiliation with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

When he wants to relax, Baer reads science fiction, fantasy and art books. He and his wife enjoy movies, culture, events, and brick-and-mortar bookstores. They are the proud pet parents of Ginger, an adopted dachshund/poodle blend, appropriately known as a “doodle.”

Baer hopes that NASA secretly developed his flying space-go-kart design and that, even as you read this, astronauts are racing each other around the moon.

All Images Copyright © 2018 Scott [Baer] Davis. All Rights Reserved.

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